Group Insurance


Group Marketing Maximizes Benefits and Savings!

Silvercrest Insurance Group provides Group Home and Auto Insurance to a number of different industry employers and associations. We work for you, the client, to provide fast and efficient service combined with the professional advice from our dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives

Significant Benefits For You And Your Employees/Members.

  • With economic restraint causing many companies to reduce employee benefits, Group Insurance offers an excellent means of providing savings to your employees/members.
  • Group Insurance comes at no cost to you, the Employer/Association and requires minimal administrative involvement.

Customer Service

  • At Silvercrest Insurance Group, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service!
  • Our organization takes your business seriously and we aim to provide the service that many insured’s complain is lacking in our industry.
  • Your Employees/Members will benefit from the analysis of their insurance needs by an independent and experienced insurance broker.

Competitive Pricing

  • Once your company has joined the group, qualified employees/members can expect savings of up to 10 - 20% on their personal insurance.
  • The pricing we are able to negotiate with major insurers is a result of the power and strength of "Group Buying".

Claims Service

  • 24 hour claims service provides your employees and members exceptional service when they need it most.

Who Qualifies For Group Programs?
Your company may have already joined the group through one of its associations. To find out if you qualify or to obtain more info about Silvercrest Insurance Group, group programs contact us here.